Bloggers, Grow a Pair!

grow a pear

I am new to blogging, and I am most likely breaking all the “blogging rules” and not sticking to certain “guidelines”. But who the hell cares, right? The thing is I have been thinking about starting a blog for the past eight years. I could just never really pin point exactly what I wanted to blog about. I guess the best thing was just to jump in and do it. So I did. Started writing little articles and following other bloggers, all the regular activities that goes with owning a www.

I have been doing a very “laid back” version of blogging for the last month and I must admit that so many bloggers in South Africa just leave a bitter taste in my mouth, because for some reason they believe they are celebrities. Ah the blogger-cliques. Wanting free things, free trips, attending free events. Which is great I’m sure, but really, why must you as a blogger change your entire being to that of a demigod simply because your blog is doing well? But where is the passion! Or has becoming a blogging whore become more important?

So… Many… Egos! Seems everyone wants to be a blog-star when they grow up. Yes, we have a few excellent blogs, and great bloggers. But I think the most important part is often forgotten: quality content.


Why must we only read good reviews, and good feedback. On every fucking product or restaurant? Is it because everything gets paid for? Or you got given products to test? I am sure that readers are getting sick and tired of reading about all the candy coated things out there. I know I sure did, and that is one of the reasons why I decided to include restaurant reviews on Of Mind. If I have to read about “great food” and then be severely let down one more time I think I will lose my shit and burn down every food review blog out there. Tell the goddamn truth!


Old movie – same concept

I might be deluded, and ignorant. But I wish blogs were still interesting reads. Where we could relate to the writer, and see the world through their eyes. Not see everyone write about the same bag, or the same concert, on the same blog template. I want to know what you really thought of the product you tested. And if you are a brand, you should know that bad press is still good press. It gives you the opportunity to improve your service or product. Why should we as readers be satisfied with false information? Not only does this harm the brand but the blogger, and his/her blog. Trust is a very important word in the blogging world. If the reader does not trust your opinion then why are you even trying.

I never started this blog with the intentions of being “blog famous” or “getting free things or going to free events, etc”. Quite frankly, perhaps I started the blog not to get free things. I love that I can have this space where I can be creative, where I can say whatever I want without a filter. Everything I write is passionate honesty, and I would never want to be dictated by any brand. I want to tell stories and I want to rant. I want to respectfully use curse words at appropriate times to express my frustration/anger/joy.


I will be the first person to admit that there are way too many blogs these days, sharing the exact same content just with different “voices”. Looking the same. Strutting the same stuff. I know this. And I know that I am just another person trying the whole blogging thing. But I don’t want to clutter my blog with advertising. I don’t want to make blogging my full time career. And most importantly I don’t want to compromise on what I deliver. Even if I only have ten people coming back to read posts I will be happy. Isn’t that why we should venture into blogging in the first place? To deliver good content to readers? To find people who relate to what we are saying?


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