Bubble tea? Yes please thanks to happy.me!

happy.me wall

I have been eyeing the progress of happy.me since they started cleaning up the forever-empty shop with so much curiosity. Eagerly awaiting their reveal. With only hearing rumours of a “coffee shop” opening I was hoping that we’d at least get a ride on a unicorn, because really, another coffee shop?

And then one day, finally, they were open. But for the love of tea what the heck were they selling? Bubble Tea? I have never in my almost “ages of existence” heard of such a thing.


But, I dug in my wallet and I got me some tea.

Now, I have bought some Fusion Tea from them twice. First time I had the Lychee & Passionfruit Green Tea with Black Pearl and Coconut Crystal Jelly. Flavours was delightful and refreshing, but those black pearls – definitely was not accepted by my palate. Big avoidance factor for me the next time I went. Which was very soon after.

Today I had the Strawberry & Pomegranate Black Tea with Lime Zest & Strawberry Popping Pearls.

happy.me teas

VERY VERY YUM! You can make out all the individual flavours and it does not give you that “slug-in-throat feeling you get from other ice teas thanks to all the preservatives and chemicals. I must say though, that man-person had the peach rooibos tea which I also did not really enjoy – way too strong. So I think you might have to try a few to find your favourite fruit and pearly combo.

Put Greenside on your route to wherever you are heading, stop, buy one, shake it, and enjoy.

Love their wall illustrations!

Love their wall illustrations!

Worth it? Hell yes! Who even needs the unicorns to accompany these coffees and “teas”.

Only wish that they could give me a whole glass of popping pearls and a spoon! Or perhaps even a bath tub full…


What is Bubble Tea?? Click here to knowledge UP!

Village Green Shopping Centre
127 Greenway Road, Greenside


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