Day 10: The best advice I ever heard!

A man told me this once, on a bus, of course I was much younger then. I cannot even recall his name. A pity really, how quickly we forget names.

Of course, five years ago I was a completely different person.

I shrugged, as we all most likely do when we hear these words.

See, I suffered, manically, from depression. I still have days that it just entirely consumes me. My entire life I have been fighting it, which on top of the depression caused guilt, anger and self hate.

Years have come and gone.

Years I have wasted trying to get rid of all these unwanted feelings.

Again, on a passerby, I heard the words: “If you want to be happy, be!”

Could it be really that simple?

One day I woke up with the idea of changing the way I look at myself, and the way I would deal with this darkness inside me.

Instead of fighting, I accepted.

“Hello Depression, be my friend?”

Slowly the anger disappeared, the hatred, the guilt.

Slowly the weight lifted.

I am not quite sure when the transition happened from dark to light.

It took a long time.

And I never thought that I would be able to go one day without all the fog.

But here I am.

Such simple words.

Simple words that changed my life.

And Depression and I?

We will never part!

How could we?

It made me who I am today!



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