Day 11: One Food! One Drink! For the rest of my life!

10 months!

10 months of eating only Spaghetti Carbonara! I thought it would be enough, but we are running out of bacon. How could we ever even think of eating spaghetti with only eggs and parmesan? The world has become so cruel.

We are lucky that this side of the zone still has water. And what would have happened if corn didn’t resist the radiation.

People always spoke about the end of times, but never did I think that I would be part of it. Or that vegetables would overthrow the world.

What I would give to take a bite out of one of them – a mushroom perhaps. They are small, and they don’t move fast. I often see the young playing in the woods…

Enough of these impure thoughts!

One of the men tried to murder a pumpkin in his sleep. If only he succeeded. It would have been enough to feed all of us for at least a month. But they are getting stronger. And with this strength their revenge grows larger. I wonder how long they will keep him in the dehydrator – if that is even where he is! I shudder to think of any of the other punishments they could have conjured by now.

Curse those scientists who started experimenting on those plants. Was everything not in the right order? Now they gloat for they have been made slaves, being fed all the fruit and vegetable trimmings, while we have to find nutrients in the most god-awful ways.

Today the reality finally kicked in:

1 Food!

1 Drink!

For the rest of my life!



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