Day 14: My Parents

Currently residing in Botswana, I could never quite wrap my head around my parents. Obviously I love them and I know they love me. But we have never been all that close.

They are both free spirits, who dances to the beat of their own drum.

I remember my dad had a vast collection of metal and hard-rock albums. I spent hours admiring the artwork on the covers, listening to my dad telling me about Ozzy Osbourne and various other bands and musicians. With his beard and long hair.

My mother, so talented and artistic. I could never quite perfect my handwriting like hers, or achieve the same effects using a paintbrush. The effortless, shall we call it bohemian look she always managed to pull off.

They had art on the walls which most parents would ban their children from even so much as glimpse at.

Never once did they give a second thought to what society expected of them. So many times I would wonder why I had to have the “odd” parents.

But now, I look at growing up with them as my parents. And I realize just how lucky I was.

They allowed me to explore new things.

They trusted me to make the right decisions and I always did.

They didn’t have much but they gave everything they had. Showed me how to appreciate all the small things. And for that I will always be grateful.

Do I wish we were closer, talked more often, saw each other more? Yes.

But I also know that we simply don’t have the normal “parents – child” relationship. I also don’t know if I could ever settle into the relationship with my parents I once craved for.

So hell, I am delighted that they are happy, living the “free” life they have always wanted. Fulfilling their dreams. Knowing that both their daughters are standing on their own two feet, and that they raised us so well.

I wish more parents would raise their children to grow into their own skin, instead of growing up to wear the shoes their parents give them!




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