Day 16: The world is wrong about…

The world is wrong about…




I choose to not address these specific topics on this day, as I am not wearing my debating face.

What I do wish to bring up is something far less serious, but pretty darn serious to me, a lover of food.


The world is wrong about beef fillet!

There, I said it. No more biting my lip. The words simply needed to be uttered.

How can one possibly enjoy a piece of red meat without the delicious fat that melts into it making it ever so succulent? One word: marbling!

I have never had a piece of fillet that I did not either choke on. Or had to douse in a sauce. Or worse, still had to listen to it “moo” on my plate! Not even my dearest friend bacon can save this cut at all times.

And at that price! Really fillet? Really?

Choosing a piece of fillet over rib eye is like daydreaming about Mr. Burns instead of fantasizing about a big strong greek god. Ladies, I leave you with that! Next time you chew on your fillet because you think it is the better cut, you think twice!

Just a few reasons why steak with marbling is better than Mr. Burns, erhm, I mean fillet:

  1. It’s easy on the eye.
  2. It’s pleasant on the palate
  3. During cooking, the fat marbling melts and bastes the meat from within. This means the steaks are always richly flavoured!

Aren’t those reasons good enough? 🙂


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