Day 18: Guilty Pleasures!

Ah yes, the egregious guilty pleasures.

How can anyone feel so guilty about something that makes him or her feel so incredibly good. Dear guilty ones, life is too short.

Alas, if guilty pleasures were books, I’d have a few I myself would hide on the far end of the bookshelf. It is on display, but mostly out of sight J

Here are but a few of mine:

  1. RuPaul’s Drag Race! Just can’t… get… enough… It’s just so fierce!
  2. Spending an entire day in my pajamas – could we all not just always wear these wonderful magical items?
  3. Bowls and bowls of popcorn or any salty snack like crisps
  4. Rocking out with my erh, frock out to 80’s music
  5. Eating about 603kgs of biltong WITH THE FAT ON!
  6. Lately, Sex and the City. I never watched it because Sarah Jessica Parker slightly annoys me. But out of pure boredom started watching it recently and I think I might have some form of strange addiction now.
  7. Oversized sweat pants! Makes me feel like a baby kangaroo. What’s wrong with that?
  8. People watching, I can do this all too happily. Seriously, who needs TV?
  9. Cleaning my ears. Which might actually be a slight obsession/addiction. But mmm, I like the sensation so much.
  10. Staying in bed even though I have been awake for quite some time, just so that my boyfriend can bring me coffee in bed. Oops, this happens on a daily basis. Shhh!



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