Day 20: Someone Who’s Made a Big Impact on me Recently

I don’t want to use this platform to convince any person reading this of something non-conventional, something I myself never would have believed if I had to read about it before experiencing it myself. This is why I won’t go into this too deeply. Having said that, this post is quite personal, and I expect you to read it with an open mind.

My boyfriend’s been having back and neck problems since I first met him over four years ago, and many years prior to meeting me. He was in constant pain, and through the years escalated to the point where he could no longer move his neck or do movements we so effortlessly included in our daily lives.

He has seen multiple healthcare practitioners and specialists throughout the years without any success or clarity. This of course caused so much stress and concerns for him, for his family and me. With no clarity as to the cause or problematic area (i.e. spine related, etc) millions of questions circulated our minds surrounding his future health. And he was at the end of his rope.

One afternoon, rather spontaneously, we decided to go for a quick lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. A woman named Stephanie approached us at our table, commenting at how she noticed my boyfriend and asking if he believed in miracles. She mentioned that she could help him, but he needed to be open to miracles, and her methods. I think as that point in his life he was hoping for one…

He made an appointment, and the rest is history as they say. It has been only a few months and the transformation is nothing less than a miracle. No medicine. No doctors. No operations. Everything is purely spiritual and mental. He does not take any pain medication anymore and no more anti-depressants.  Movement has approved significantly.

I am not sure how to feel about all of it most of the time, and yes, the concept is still foreign to me. And as I mentioned earlier, I would never have believed any of it if I was not personally experiencing it. But why do I need to understand? Sometimes accepting and believing is more than enough.

All I can say is thank you. Thank you Stephanie, for entering our lives when you did. Helping not only my boyfriend physically, but mentally. Changing the way we perceive life. Slowly we both improve as individuals on a daily basis, just by allowing more love and inner peace to enter our lives…


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