Day 5: A Day in the Life of a Fortune Teller!

*The challenge was to open a newspaper, choose a job and write about what your life would be like if that was your career. I however, just found my “calling for a day” on a job generator site. 

“But, but, how sure are you?” he asks this with a glimmer of sarcasm in his eyes, a smirk on his face.

Oh young man, I could not be more certain.

“The cards have never lied to me, but you must know…” I know that no matter how I present this information to him he will never believe me. He does not give me a chance to explain that the death card, for him, means sudden changes.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this!”. He gets up, obviously focusing on making a scene.

“You are a fraud and I want my money back!”

He seems angry, but I don’t take too much offense by his accusations.

“I will refund you”. I calmly say. The money will not help him, he will leave here forever questioning when death will knock on his door.

He storms out, feeling embarrassed that his girlfriend not only convinced him to come see me, but that he, a man of science, believed what I said. He has too much pride and arrogance to hear what I have to say. Taking only away what the card means to him.

Mother was right, I should have pushed myself harder, be a career woman. Instead, I wake up smelling of cinnamon scented incense sticks, mind filled with worry for all the people who see me and receive negative news.

If only I ignored my realization of my gift in my teenage years. If only my grandmother never told me her stories of the spirit world contacting her, and her clairvoyant abilities. No more will I make contact with the spirit world, share universal secrets with those who enquire.

I take my cup of chicken bones and let them fall onto the table. I am forever studying them, hoping that they will reveal a new path to me. A path without crystal balls, nervous faces, women looking for their true love, their soul mates. This time, yet again, I am disappointed by what they reveal.

I blow out the candles, remove my silver earrings, and go home, because tomorrow a woman is coming to see me about her deceased mother…


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