Day 8: A Love Letter to My Pet Hate!

I find it difficult to write you this letter.

We have been acquaintances all my life.

Your devotion to me so strong that you have followed me through the years, always a mere whisper away.

Many have fallen in love with you.

They cannot be blamed.

You are oh so irresistible. Life would be so much easier if I could simply let go, surrender to your caress.

But our love would hurt so many. The same way it hurts me to see you with others.

This alone is not enough of a reason for me to keep my distance. I battle with the thought of you and I daily.

Early mornings when I make coffee and I use the last coffee.

At night, when wanting to take a long warm bath, knowing someone else still needs to shower.

When I see a parking, and I could just easily park with my wheel in the open parking next to me.

At the restaurant, paying the bill, when it’s time to give a tip.

Even when I go to the little girls’ room and I use the last toilet paper… (Blush)

Oh, it would be so much more convenient if I allowed you to wrap your arms around me.

But you, Inconsiderate Behaviour, you with the smoke on your breath.

Your seductive eyes.

Your smooth words.

You are from the wrong side of the tracks.

I could never fully commit to you, the way you would commit to me.

Our love could never blossom.

For these reasons, Inconsiderate Behaviour, I will never let you in. And with this letter, I say my goodbyes!

I wish you could leave, go back home! No one needs you in his or her life. The thrill of you, the way you make them feel, usually short lived.

Goodbye Inconsiderate Behaviour.




  • Reply July 8, 2014


    excellent, you really met the challenge! Great writing

    • Reply July 8, 2014

      Of Mind

      I struggled at first but glad it finally came together 😉

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