Day 9: Pinings!

Today is a hard one for me, perhaps due to my fingers slowly displaying early symptoms of frostbite, or because I ate too large a bowl of wonderfully delicious Parmesan and lemon pasta and my eyelids seem to have taken on the form of cement because of this. Let us briefly ignore the fact that I am meant to be on a diet – such a dreadful diseased word it is.

Should I work in the topic for today to go with my hunger for all things warm, cheesy and comforting? Damn this weather for reminding me just how much I enjoy food…

“It’s because you enjoy it so much that your chin grew a pouch” – why thank you conscience for being the true and honest entity that you are!

Let’s move away from food shall we, and hot chocolate, and split pea soup with smoky bacon and warm homemade bread!

It's So Beautiful!

It’s So Beautiful!

Oh this treacherous display of inner conflict!


Stop taunting me flashing text cursor! Note: a flashing text cursor is also called a caret!

It seems my ability to focus today has taken the day off!

I’m pining to meet today’s challenge!!

Well played writers bootcamp, well played!



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