Day 1: Even if you know me well, you don’t know this!

For the most part I am an open book – if you ask, that is. I have never been the type of person to reveal my secrets on a passing by, and firmly believe it should be avoided. For that reason alone I probably divulge less information to people than is adequate within friendship circles. This challenge “asked me this question”, and I feel obligated to lay it all on the table.

I have a few, let’s call them quirks shall we. And not many people know this, in fact I think perhaps one or two and not even they know the extend of this. And I happily share a little bite of these:


If you’ve seen Scrubs, you’ll know that Dr. Dorian (J.D) daydreams a lot, in a “Egyptians worshipped cats A LOT” kind of way! I don’t think that my daydreaming is that obscure (thankfully) but I do venture off into multiple dreams a day. I often miss out on half of a conversation because my mind would wander (oh his nose, he could mine for gold with that thing, and we could sell it to the giants and be forever happy).

I have been this way since I was a child, my imagination never calmed the fuck down, and I was told I’d outgrow it, but guess what folks, I still get carried away by unicorns on a daily basis.

Because of this, I am very easily entertained by myself (naturally). I can get lost in other worlds for hours on end. You should go on a game drive with me, the amount of wild Oompa Loompas I spot is ridiculous.


Social Anxiety Disorder

I used to take part in public speaking throughout my school years, so I don’t enjoy sharing this all too often, because hell, how can this be true. But I have a terrible problem when it comes to interacting with people. On such a scale that I need to gobble down anti-anxiety medication just so I don’t get some sort of new age heart attack. With age of course, it got EVEN FUCKING WORSE!

I only decided to see someone about this problem recently, because I thought I was just being a major people hater, so I have been suffering with this issue for basically 29 years. Poor me, just for that I need a bottle of tequila a day until I’m 30. (Take note of this person reading my post cough).


Yes, I have a few more,  but I think I will hold on to those, for now, because I heard that blackmailing is becoming very popular these days, and I ain’t got no money honey, but I do have dreams, dreams and anxiety drugs 🙂


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