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There are only a few places that I find I can go to in Johannesburg and have an excellent meal. In fact, I can count these places on one hand. Luckily for me one of these wonderful establishments is just down the road from me, and I have realized again today that I do not walk through those doors enough.

It being Friday we decided to go have a quick brunch at Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro in Victory Park. Now trust me, I am not claiming to be a schwarma connoisseur, but I have had my fair share in JHB and I can quite honestly say that they have spoiled me as I will never be able to eat another schwarma anywhere else again.


The flavor profiles that Tei Avon create are to die for. And as much as I would like to make this a balanced review and point out something negative, I really cant. Focusing on the schwarmas alone, they do have a few signature schwarmas you can choose from, or you can build your own. I usually just create my own because I feel less is more. I have however tasted the Moroccan from the options they do have and find that the ingredients were very well matched. One of the real standouts is that the ingredients are prepared fresh daily.


I have not tried any other dishes on the menu as yet, simply because I have a fear of losing out on the schwarmas, but I will definitely ban myself from ordering anything off of the left side of the menu for at least one night.

As for the restaurant itself, the décor is very modern yet rustic and the restaurant is very clean. The staff here are all friendly and you feel right at home, whether you are a regular or not.

I highly recommend you pay this little gem a visit and just enjoy the overall experience – even if a part of me doesn’t want anyone to know just in case I lose out on my favourite table 😉

Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro
Shop No. 17
Victory Park Shopping Centre
Cnr 2nd Ave & Rustenburg Rd

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