Day 4: I just couldn’t live without these 10 things…

Dear oxygen/water/food, no offence, but you are taking a backseat on this drive (for obvious reasons). Except for food, I probably would not ever go out of my way for you if I didn’t need you, you know, to survive.

So, here is a small list of items that I will never be able to live without:

My Boyfriend
He makes me smile, accepts me for who I am, and is my best friend. He’d be the only thing on my list if that didn’t make the list somewhat cheesy.


The Furry Companions
Never a dull moment with any of them around. No matter what mood you are in, they are instant Prozac.


Lip Balm
I go slightly insane when my lips are dry, so much so that I could kill a human with my bare hands. innocent face

chapped lips

Sorry Paleo/Tim Noakes/Primal/AnythingElseThatIsNowAFad. I will never in my short human life be able to give this up. Ass, I give you permission to be a little bigger, because potatoes/pasta/bread, it’s what makes the world go round.


Nothing beats taking a few simple ingredients and creating something that opens some drool-taps. It helps me unwind; I guess it’s my take on meditating.

I spend majority of my day on it. And interneeeeeeeeet!!!

My Dark Side
It has been a part of me my entire life. Life isn’t only made of unicorn farts and fairy dust.

Drag Queens
I wish I could be a drag queen. Oh big hair, draaaama, all that is fab. They are so glamorous and can be anyone they want to be. Maybe in my next life.

drag is cool

Must capture all them special moments, like me eating a big plate of carbs 😀

No explanation needed, I’m sure we all agree 🙂



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