It’s Been A While…

Sometimes you get caught up with life, the curve balls, the new adventures, and typing a few words on your blog simply slips your mind. Or perhaps it is that you grow so vastly within a few months that you find your entire style and point of view has changed so dramatically, that you cannot fathom falling back onto your old style of writing.

Perhaps this is the beginning of something new!

Nevertheless, it’s been a few months since my last post, as you may recall we moved to a new house. Our “not-so-country” country house. It’s been really wonderful here and the days go by so quickly. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and have decided to completely move away from digital marketing and pursue my love of food. Thus I am in the process of launching a few new endeavors. More on these later.

Our days mostly consist of laughter, good food, rays of sunshine and pure delight. Our dogs are happy, and our cats have turned into roaming fat panthers. Since we finished unpacking all our boxes, it has been like one long holiday. As you can see from the image, only worries is the occasional ravenous mosquito 🙂

How could anyone possibly enjoy the city life? I find myself wondering this more and more…

So this is just a post to loosen my fingers, and here’s hoping that I will be able to get into doing more regular posts soon.

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