Sci-Bono & My Inner Child!

sci-bono discovery centre newtown

Recently we paid a small visit to the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre. Not for the Body Worlds exhibition though because sleeping late was by far more important than seeing something so incredibly awesome (hangs my head in shame).

This was just a “out of curiosity” visit. Ok to be honest, I am actually still 5 years old, so dip me in feathers and call me chicken I need to go do stuff like this. Cough.

If nothing else, the coffee surely hit the spot thanks to the Sci-Bono “barista”.

sci-bono coffee

Such pretty coffee – made me happy and it was goooood!

I don’t know what I expected really. We visited (if I remember correctly) the Science Museum in Pretoria on a school trip when we were kids. And I remember big balls, buttons being pushed, things going into holes and erm, thinking back perhaps our teacher took us on a completely different road trip.

It didn’t turn out exactly as I thought but it was still a good walkabout. In my mind it all played out much more excitingly, and it’s not because I’m an adult now because I will play the hell out of anything for kids. And even as a kid I had the personality of a turtle so I didn’t get excited that easily.

I think the display I enjoyed the most was the dinosaurs that came to life after pressing a button (I might have a small obsession). Roaring and shaking what their plastic maker gave them. Pity these are hidden from the rest of the displays. And I am pretty sure I annoyed the daylights out of the security guard who had to listen to three dinosaurs roaring for at least five minutes after I left.

Dinosaur Sci-Bono

T-Rex says Rawr

Oh well, it was still pretty informative and I did enjoy a few displays like the music section (or sounds section). “Let’s call it the beating the hell out of those bottles section.” If you have kids, take them here because all the kids really seemed to enjoy it and it is learning while having fun – take their friends because there are plenty of group games and activities.

If you have a girlfriend who thinks she is a kid, rather take her to one of the markets down the road.

sci-bono hanging display

sci-bono music display

sci-bono perspective

Yes, scary as fuck


sci-bono discovery centre


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