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I can sit on this corner drinking their house draught (which is a good light beer) for hours on end just taking in my surroundings.

There is just something about this leafy street paired with the calm ambiance that always attracts me to this Parkview favourite.


The friendliness of the staff is always welcoming and their knowledge  of the menu items even more so. This truly is a “no over thinking and just enjoy” type of bistro.

Today I ordered their Beef Fillet Prego Roll with chips. Seeing as I’ve enjoyed their fillet here before, I thought this will be fitting as the fillet is too large for a brunch meal.

Scusi Bistro Beef Fillet Prego Roll

Beef Fillet Prego Roll

A decent looking plate of food and at first bite I enjoyed the Prego. But by my third taste I could make out all the flavours a little better and my mind slowly changed. Asking for my fillet to be medium I was disappointed to find that it was actually overcooked. This I would have been able to overlook if the meat wasn’t under-seasoned and it needed a sear. My idea of a prego does not include fillet that clearly boiled in its own juice rather than having that beautiful brown sear. The term “Maillard Reaction” exists for a reason.

The sauce made up for the under-seasoned fillet and they surely provide you with enough of it. It wasn’t too hot and it had a nice creaminess to it which made it a good sauce to smother my chips in. And oh how I enjoyed those chips. There was a slight vinegary aftertaste though which made me question if the sauce is homemade or bought and altered as the taste reminded me of the store bought prego sauces available in supermarkets.

Scusi Bistro Bacon and Cheese Burger

Bacon and Cheese Burger

The bacon and cheese burger was enjoyed by man-person although his patty was also overcooked and requested to be medium.

Except for the seasoning issue and the meat being overcooked (and a little grey) it was an average Prego Roll and a good ol’ visit.

Scusi Bistro
66 Tyrone AvenueParkview, Johannesburg

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