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Occasionally you get this craving for a few beers and something grubby to go down with it. Not fancy cocktails and parma ham sandwiches. Just good ol’ beer and grub. So luckily for me Slug & Lettuce moved into Melville a while ago, and as it is just down the road I quite enjoy going there to unwind on the occasional afternoon.


slug and lettuce melville

Granted they have graced Melville with their presence for a while now, but I am always a bit on the slow side and only paid them a visit recently.

On my first visit it was beers and “snacks”. We got some spring rolls, chicken strips and carpaccio (yes, for the man junkie). Spring rolls were spring rolls but luckily not too oily. I simply loved the chicken strips and will most likely order about 300 next time I pop in for a beer. The carpaccio did not go down so well, not because it was not tasty but because they used biltong. Not our cup of tea.

Second visit we decided to try the pizzas. So one Boss and one Fat Boy soon magically appeared on our table. The pizzas were quite bloody good, with enough fresh toppings and the crust was just the right kind of crispy. My only problem with the pizzas were the size – at around 25cm and basically the same price as most 30cm pizzas out there I felt not too many people would be completely satisfied with it, especially the guys.

Slug and Lettuce Melville Pizza

slug and lettuce pizza

Parking as always is a nightmare in 4th, and I am not too fond of the actual location, mostly because every few minutes you have to turn away someone trying to sell you a beaded animal.

But it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s close to home, the beer is cold and there is good food. Definitely not your average pub environment by a long shot.

Slug & Lettuce Melville
The Court in Melville
No 76, 4th Avenue
011 482 8864


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