War & Imagination

Today we paid a visit to the Ditsong Military Museum in Johannesburg. As a girl who has a mild obsession with things lingering on the darker side of life, my level of excitement soon built up into a size very much like that of Melville Koppies.

I didn’t know what to expect as each person portraying his or her visit had a different story. Well for the most part everyone had the same facial expression when they explained their trip to the museum and it resembled something similar to the look a child has on their face when they cant have any candy.

That didn’t prevent me from going though and as soon as I arrived I felt that the museum would feed my mind delectable knowledge treats.

I couldn’t really relate to anything there, as one I am not old enough and two; I never paid attention in history classes. But I appreciated the experience for what it was. As a person with a vivid imagination it didn’t take long for me to see everything around me come to life, and that is why I enjoyed it. I could see the men in their outfits, I could hear the noises that surrounded them and I could feel the fear they lived with.

I did feel somewhat sad as I walked through the museum, because times were so different back then. It makes all the petty things I worry about feel so small and unimportant in comparison.

I also tried to take more photos but every time I took out my camera I got these piercings stares from the crowds of old men that gathered there to remember the past. Heck, I did not want to rub anyone up the wrong way when I was the only one there not knowing how the guns worked. Perhaps they felt that I did not respect history as they did, who knows.

Anyway, I left there satisfied. It was definitely an experience worth taking on. True, I did not read one poster or pamphlet, but my mind got what it set out to get. And who doesn’t enjoy an hour or so filled with guns, knives and big ass tanks J






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