Day 12: What makes me laugh more than anything else?

Sleep deprivation!

But this is not the normal laughter we all know and love. This is a “slightly possessed and leaving everyone around me confused and afraid” kind of laughter. It happens in a flash, without warning. Anything can trigger it – whether it is actually funny or not is of no importance.

First it starts off as normal smirk, a slight giggle, but it rather quickly escalates to a noise that resembles a donkey on a carnival ride (also pretty certain that I look like one too). Tears, by now streaming out of my eyes. And it takes all the focus I have left between fighting off the laughing fit, to not pee my pants…


It is a rather scary sight for any person who witnesses this. As I don’t laugh all too often. Laughing out loud is a skin I am not too fond of wearing at all times.

On a serious note though, as peculiar as this is, I find I laugh best when I see another person laughing and really enjoying it. Laughter that emerges from deep within. The kind that if they had a belly it would oscillate from the pure delight they are experiencing. I can never resist it. I just have to join in, regardless of what it is that they are laughing at.



  • Reply July 12, 2014


    Oh yes! I totally know what you mean. I am hilarious when I’m tired. Nothing quite like laughing at nothing in particular just to see all those raised eyebrows. 😉

    • Reply July 12, 2014

      Of Mind

      And hopefully get no nose jelly *cough* on anyone 😛

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