When Sheep Root for Individualism

As a creative person with experience in marketing and advertising I always look at visual communication with a more precise eye than others. I will notice typography errors, layout errors or compliment the agency on the choice of colours they used to evoke emotions in line with their message.

However, it does feel as if good advertising is on the endangered list and I for one am feeling a sense of concern.

I know that for certain goals to be achieved you need to restrict your creative ambitions in order for the creative concepts and designs to deliver. But should we not at the very least push the envelope with even a measly five percent more than the competitors – if that is all you are comfortable with?

Every organization wants to stand out from their competition and yet their advertising campaigns follow in their footsteps. This is clear in most automotive, beauty products, cleaning products and basically every other advert I look at. If you remove the logo and slogan from the ad it could just as easily be any alternative product in the market.

I know that ultimately there is only so much you can do to promote certain products and services, but you most likely have an entire team of creative people creating concepts for you. Take a few days and come up with something that is different and that will reach your customer with more impact.

A good example of this is the washing liquid battle that has been going on for the last year. We have all seen the comparison between “leading washing liquids and said product”. But will I remember the ad, no. Which ad do I remember? OMO’s “Just One Cap” concept. A simple, fun to the point advert and most importantly it stuck. People were walking around saying “ooo eh eh” with every chance they got. I myself am embarrassed to admit that I accidentally muttered the phrase a few time.

I think advertising needs a wake-up call. The theory that only being seen is not valid anymore. There are too many companies out there for you to just play it “safe”. We need to be different and we need to stop looking at consumers as mindless individuals. Granted not all the risks will pay off, but in most cases it probably will and with great success.

Why? Because you are not feeding society “just another ad”.

We appreciate witty and clever content.

More realistically, we crave it!

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